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If you want delicious fruits and vegetables from local farms, you’ve come to the right place!
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Good Life Organics is a weekly delivery service providing seasonal, local, 100% Organic produce to our community throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

We work with multiple farms to provide the freshest and best fruits and vegetables Southern California has to offer, making it easy and affordable for Los Angeles locals to enjoy farm-fresh organic produce.

You’ll taste the difference of our fresh-picked fruits and veggies and enjoy the many benefits that organic produce has to offer you and your family. Enjoy our quality, variety, and education with each box you receive!

You can sign up for a delivery at participating schools, a delivery at your home, or scroll down to learn how you can bring deliveries to your school.

Join the Good Food Movement!

Why shop for internationally-grown “fresh” produce at a big box store when you can get ripe produce straight from local farmers? When you sign up for a subscription you will receive a box of assorted seasonal produce, based on which varieties are at their peak each week throughout the farming season. There are different varieties each week and you will receive an e-newsletter with recipes to help identify, store, and prepare the delicious goods. “It’s like getting a healthy present each week!”
While you will always receive from us known favorites like sweet cherries and apples, cucumber and peas, you’ll also get to enjoy unique varieties like heirloom purple carrots, Cherokee tomatoes, parsnips, and over 30 types of peaches and plums! By buying from small farms you get to try varieties that aren’t available on a mass-market scale, and these varieties are often the most flavorful!
When you choose organic foods, you are “voting with your fork” for healthy soil, clean air, and clean water. Each dollar you spend on organics helps keep land clean, keeps farmworkers safe, and safeguards the health of our local ecology.
Let your breakfast, lunch and dinner be a vote for biodiversity, safety, and health.

Eat Good, Do Good

Thanks to our community of supporters Good Life Organics has donated over $44,500 to local schools for gardens, scholarship, and education!
To become a community pickup site and earn 5% for your organization email Samantha @ goodlifeorganics (dot) org to receive the Farm to School program information PDF.

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